MPT1362 which Chameleon Direct adheres to, is the UK code of practice for the installation of Mobile Radio and ancillary equipment into land based vehicles. Originally produced by the RA (Radio Communications Agency) and then passed onto Ofcom, since February 2005 MPT1362 has resided under the custody of the FCS (Federation of Communication Services).

Detailing best practice and ensuring up to date knowledge of legislative requirements MPT1362 is an essential code of practice for installers, suppliers and customers alike and the industry is referring more to the requirements of MPT1362 as the installation ‘bible’. It is a document that should be carried by the engineer. It is imperative that it provides up to date advice and therefore is regularly reviewed due to the development of new technology, changes within the vehicle manufacturing process and the need for ongoing amendments for best practice.

It provides the foundation for the standards required and is the basis on which our internal and external quality audits are conducted.

The co-chairman of the Installer Group Stewart Gent commented, “Cars, vans and lorries are becoming communications consoles on wheels with an ever increasing variety of radio communication devices being installed to help drivers or for vehicle tracking"

"Industry best practice has to keep up to date with the fast pace of change in wireless devices, accessories and vehicle design. Today we are announcing a review of the industry code for installation of these devices in vehicles. The installers ‘bible’, MPT 1362, sets out best practice for installing mobile phones, two-way radio, telematics, sat-nav and other communications devices. We have initiated this review to make sure that we capture this pace of change and share it across the installation and product community. This review will expand those elements associated with vehicle and asset tracking that are becoming a central feature of vehicle use today.

FCS July 2007